Current Openings

  • NorCal

    • Looking for: Internal Therapy Recruiter
    • Looking for internal therapy recruiter to join our team!  Growing number of contracts in NorCal and looking for an energetic recruiter with an established network of therapists to staff our rehab departments.

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  • Hayward

    • Looking for: PT
    • Need Full-time PT in Hayward Area Skilled Nursing Facility. 
      New grads or assisted living experience welcome!

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  • Santa Rosa, CA

    • Looking for: PT or OT Director
    • Looking for a PT or OT Director of Rehab Services for SNF in Santa Rosa, CA.  Willing to work with an established team using an interdisciplinary approach.  Please inquire  and send resume for consideration.

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  • Menlo Park, California

    • Looking for: Full-Time OTR
    • Looking for a Full-Time OTR for a newly renovated SNF,  Willing to work with and supervise COTA.  Competitive salary, generous benefits , and a dynamic team environment! Please submit resume or complete application today. 

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  • Hayward , California

    • Looking for: Full-Time PTLA Therapist
    • Looking for Full-Time PTLA therapist looking for supervision opportunities busy Hayward, CA skilled nursing facility. Direct supervision by an experienced PT will be provided. Must be willing to work collaboratively with OT, ST and nursing staff. Competitive salary and benefits offered! Please submit your resume or complete application today

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    • Looking for: PT, PTA, OTR, COTA, SLP in all locations
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