Competition for qualified medical specialists is fierce. Patient capacities fluctuate. You are already struggling to do more with less. Finding the right rehab therapists takes time. How can you still ensure that your patients’ needs are being met?


Let A-1 REHAB & RECRUITMENT SERVICES manage all or some of your rehab staffing needs. We can help you find qualified temporary therapists for short-term needs, to supplement your core staff, or to help you fill that hard-to-find, full-time position. From the start, all of our custom staffing solutions are backed with A-1 REHAB & RECRUITMENT SERVICESunyielding commitment to providing quality candidates and services.

We have the industry know-how to address your unique staffing needs – whether you’re running a rehab center, hospital, home healthcare agency, outpatient clinic or long-term care facility. In addition, we employ a rigorous evaluation process that includes extensive screening, in-person and telephone interviews, and skills testing. As a result, we help clients to find higher quality candidates, as well as:

  • Spend less time and money on recruiting and interviewing
  • Reduce the risk of bad hires
  • Reduce hiring costs
  • Quickly locate candidates with specialized skill sets
  • React quickly and efficiently to fluctuating patient capacities

Whether you’re looking for physical, occupational or speech therapists, assistants, or rehabilitation management professionals, we can provide the qualified, medical talent with the skills that you need.

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